“ColVisTec develops, adapts, and applies unique technology & software solutions based on in-line UV-Vis spectrophotometry.”


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3 Max-Planck-Str.
12489 Berlin - Adlershof



ColVisTec develops, adapts, and applies unique technology & software solutions based on in-line UV-Vis spectrophotometry to the paint, pharmaceutical, plastics, and chemical industries. Our spectrophotometers and fiber optic technology was made for demanding production environments. It opens wide possibilities for continuous observation of extrusion and other processes without blind spots. The overall technology is easy to control and use.
Für unsere Kunden sind wir einzigartig, weil Our spectrophotometers and fiber optic technology was made for demanding production environments. It opens wide possibilities for continuous observation of extrusion and other processes without blind spots. The overall technology is easy to control and use. It's based on inline UV-Vis spectroscopy. In some applications, the usage of two probes to monitor two production lines at the same time is possible with one system. Our technology is fitted to the existing manufacturing facilities, boosting their productivity and quality.
Gründungsjahr: 2009
Rechtsform: Aktiengesellschaft (AG)
Anzahl Mitarbeiter: 15
Umsatz: NA USD
MwSt-Nummer: DE 264 632 131
Handelsregister-Nummer: HRB 119073B
Sprachen: Français, Italiano, English, Español, Deutsch
Zielmärkte: Australien, Osteuropa, Westeuropa, Ganze Schweiz, Weltweit, USA/Kanada, Europa, Deutschland, Österreich

Unsere wichtigsten Marktleistungen

    Spectrophotometer: Millennium 3 UV-VIS with CCD Spectrum (Reflectance): 380 through 780 nm Spectrum (Transmission): 220 through 820 nm (Optional) Resolution: 1 nm Spectrometer: Optical Grating Number of Beams: 4 Channel Technology; 2 Measurement & 2 Reference Channels; Interface for 2 Probes (Optional) Measuring Time: 10 ms Regular Measurement Interval: 1 s or more (Freely Adjustable) Light Source: Xenon Flash Lamp (One for Each Probe with Flash Control)
    Sapphire Window Fibre Length: 5 m (Standard) Stainless Steel Body (Length: 240 mm, Ø 19.05 mm = 3/4 inch) Pressure: = 15 bar Working Temperature: -30 °C (not condensing) to 100 °C APPLICATION USE CP is used in extruders for opaque liquids, paste, powder, and pellet materials.
    Probe Tip: Standard Dynisco Thread 1/2”-20 UNF Sapphire Window (Self Cleaning by Material Flow) Separate Fiber Optic for Easy Calibration Temperature: = 400 °C Pressure: = 200 bar Illumination with Xenon Flash Lamp Six Circumferential Positioned Glass Fibers for Illumination Center Positioned Fiber for Reflectance Standard Fiber Length: 5 m Maximum Fiber Length: 20 m
    Consists of Two Fibre Optic and Two Probe Body Units Sapphire Window Fibre Length: Each 5 m Stainless Steel Body Thread Probe Tip: ½“ - 20 UNF (typ. Dynisco®) Length of the Probe Body: 152,5 mm Requires Perfect In-Line Fitting Temperature: = 400 °C Pressure: = 200 bar APPLICATION USE TPMP is used in extruders for transparent molten polymers in extrusion processes.

Unsere Kernkompetenzen

  • Innovationskraft in der Entwicklung neuer Lösungen und Produkte
  • Schnelligkeit in der Auftragsabwicklung
  • Flexibilität bei Kundenwünschen


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    We provide serious quality control to factories that work in the pharmaceutical industry. Our company detects all common problems that might occur during the manufacturing process such as monitoring of crystallization, API stability, yellowing, and other forms of quality degradation, residence time, API’s shear and temperature exposure, etc.
    At ColVisTec, we provide greater quality control for manufacturers that work in the plastics & polymers industry. Our company detects all of the typical ranges of problems that might arise during the manufacturing process, such as color matching, process stability, polymer composition, yellowing, and other forms of quality degradation, hardware performance due to wear and tear, screw optimization, residence time measurement, etc.
    The inline UV-VIs spectrophotometry-based technology allows you to continuously measure the manufactured substance every 10 seconds or less directly in the process without sampling, without interrupting the production line, without delays. This, in turn, maximizes the efficiency of the manufacturing process and minimizes costs at the same time.
    Monitoring of the reaction development in process Identify the end-point of a reactive process Spectrum identified directly on wet product in process or offline in laboratory Identify of the color and color related parameters as well the material composition Faster information by avoiding drawdowns and waiting time Correlation between wet and dry results Influence of particle size (e.g., milling process) Influence of mixing parameters on the process and material quality

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    The oldest producer of planetary roller extruders in the market.
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  • IMPAX project
    The IMPAX project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the grant agreement No 726788.


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