Retention period expired



Extract date25.03.2017
Statusdeleted trademark deleted trademark
Trademark no.350223
Filing date04.09.1986
Expiry date
Retention period expired
Source of first publicationSOGC no.13 to 19.01.1987
Application no.05528/1986
Nice classification no.25
Trademark typeManufacturer trademark, Trade trademark
Cancellation date09.04.2007
Trademark register entry date10.12.1986
Date of technical update09.04.2007
Opposition statusNo opposition filed

Goods and services


Date Registry change
04.09.1986 Lodgement
10.12.1986 recording

Published in SOGC no. 13 to 19.01.1987
09.04.2007 cancellation of the non-extension

Published in SOGC no. 82 to 30.04.2007
Lornic S.A.
14, route du Jura
1023 Crissier

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